Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Home made, fast pressure cooker chicken vegetable broth

Looks good!!

Simple testing here. I love homemade broth bases over cans or boxes purchased at the store. But normally it's a lot of simmering and boiling to get a good flavored one pulled from the carcass.  Gunna try and short cut it in the pressure cooker.  Will it work?  Let's find out!

Ok, starting with
Chicken carcass. (this case a large 8lbs chicken, eck that's big!!) pull all the good meat off but throw all the other stuff in the pot, skin, bones, pretty much everything left over. Break it up a bit and toss it in there.

All the GOOD meat NOT going in there!

Vegetables, not really gunna gives spacific list here as the best  broths are ones when you take leftover, end of the bag scraps, and just toss them in there. But there is celery, tad of a left over onion, small amount of both yellow and orange peppers and a few left over baby carrots.  Rough chop them all up and throw in the pot.
left over skin, carcass, bits and some veggies.. 

Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and I often add a teaspoon or so of Italian mix herbs.  What ever floats your boat, just remember not to go over boat with anything as this is just a base for something else.
Add water to just cover everything.. This was a big chicken and my pressure cooker is a biggie so I got 10 cups in and probably could have added more.
Add water to just over the top of everything

Set  on "soup" and set timer on 30 minutes.

OK, took it all out .. poured through a strainer. Some people might want to use a finer filter like a cheese cloth  but I like the tiny bits for flavor. It's very much a success!!!

stuff is awesome. Great flavor, great smelling! just really good broth.

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